February 2013: American Association of University Women

Combined Destinies: American Association of University Women

Posted from: Monterey Peninsula Branch Newsletter

Posted: Feburary 2013

Text from: American Association of University Women
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Experienced psychotherapists skilled at facilitating dialogue about racial issues, Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline Haskell – our campus liaison at CSUMB have collaborated on the book Combined Destinies, scheduled for publication in February. Combined Destinies aims to facilitate a conversation that encourages self-examination and compassion to look at how white Americans have been hurt by the very ideology that their ancestors created. The book posits that unearned privilege has damaged the psyche of white people as well as their understanding or racism. Combined Destinies, which includes an anthology of stories, is based on the premise that for positive and lasting change to occur, it is necessary to open ·hearts as well as minds.

Ann is a college professor and psychotherapist who has been involved in human and civil rights since she was a child. Caroline is the Founding Director of the Personal Growth and Counseling Center and oversees all of Health and Welloess Services at the University. The authors are available for speaking engagements.

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